A Smart Solution For Charging Devices With Docking Drawer

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Docking Drawer nightstand Blade USB 15`14 -120W

Your nightstand drawer can become your nightly charging station without cluttering up the surface.

We love our devices, but the reality is they need to be charged on a regular basis. That usually means unsightly cord and device clutter on countertops—the bane of all designers. But now there is a smart solution for charging devices! Docking Drawer offers a safe solution that can be installed in any drawer. Even better? It’s approved for use in Canada.

The Docking Drawer Blade Series in-drawer outlets are available in a variety of finishes, configurations, and price points to satisfy all your in-drawer charging needs.

Docking Drawer Outlets Create Elegant, Efficient, and Organized Spaces.

Docking Drawer Kitchen-BladeDuo-1514-222W-

Multiple devices can charge all at once, one drawer, out of sight!

Charge and power everyday devices safely while they remain plugged in, out of sight, and always at the ready. Docking Drawer outlets are easy to use, safe, and a great behind-the-scenes solution to clutter that’s designed to fit any drawer. So, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or office you can eliminate surface clutter and enjoy functional and purposeful surfaces, again.

All outlets include an interlocking safety feature that cuts power to the outlet when surrounding temperatures exceed 120ºF. As designed, Blade Series outlets with all-USB configurations satisfy the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) for outlets in enclosed spaces.

The Safety Interlock Box (sold separately) can be added to outlets with AC configurations to automatically cut power to the outlet when the drawer starts to close, together satisfying CEC requirements.  

Identify Your Drawer Type

Docking Drawer Blade USB 1514-120S Kitchen Drawer

The Blade Series 1514 is installed in this shallow kitchen drawer.

In addition to safety, simplicity is key. From product design to installation, Docking Drawer offers the simplest, most painless specification process possible. See for yourself, take the quick and easy Outlet Selector Quiz.

Now, Choose Your Outlet

Docking Drawer Blade Duo 1514-266 in Tall Drawer

The Blade Duo 1514-266 fits tall drawer box widths of 13″ or more and 4″ in box height.

Whether you require both power and USB ports for charging or just a charging station, you’ll find the right outlet for you.  

Docking Drawer Blade 1514-160 for narrow drawers

Perfect for bathroom vanities, the Blade 1514-160 can also be installed in vertical drawers.

Add Docking Drawer outlets with ease into any new or existing cabinet or furniture drawer, whether it’s for a watch, phone, laptop, pet tracker, Go-Smart leash, LED light, etc.

Clever Solutions: This charging station is out of sight!


Customized cabinetry was crafted by Estate Interiors.


Here’s an overhead peek at the open drawer.

Docking Drawer Blade DUO USB charging in Black

The Blade Duo was installed in our meeting room’s custom cabinetry. It’s a nice convenience for visiting clients.

Estate Interiors designed our meeting room credenza for our new offices and studio.  The Docking Drawer outlets came with all the specifications and instructions to install a Balde Duo outlet with 8 USB-A ports in the drawer. 

Estate told us the outlet plans were easy-to-follow and the instructions are designed for prosumers and professionals alike. The results? The cabinet is beautiful and we’re very happy to offer this added convenience to our clients! 

Choose Your Docking Drawer Accessories

Docking Drawer in drawer Canisters

Canisters are available in various sizes.

Storing hot styling tools is now safer with Docking Drawer Canisters from Docking Drawer. They’re designed to specifically store hot styling tools so they’re ready to go at any time. Learn more here

Feeling overwhelmed with cord clutter and charging devices all over your surfaces? Contact Jane Lockhart Design for help custom-designing your kitchen, office, or bedroom cabinetry to accommodate a Docking Drawer outlet. We bring clever design and function together.