Why You Need A Solid Wood Front Entry Door

If you don’t have a solid wood front entry door, do yourself a favour, walk outside your front door, take step back and take a look at it. If it could talk, what would it say?

Is it making a very strong, negative statement like, “Go Away!” or “Contents Inside Unsafe!”? Then you may as well finish the look with some yellow caution tape and call it a day.

Amberwood solid wood entry door

Amberwood’s solid wood door with sidelights and arched clerestory window makes a majestic statement.

Why you need a solid wood front entry door

Your front door should say something about you and give a hint at what’s behind it. As part of the curb appeal of your home, it adds style, and character, and makes a big statement.

Lately, I’ve heard some arguments regarding steel and fiberglass doors vs. solid wood. Fiberglass and steel doors are safe, affordable and can be customized for a stylish look. Solid wood doors are safe, customizable and come in a higher “snack bracket”.

Talk to an expert about custom-made solid wood doors

So what are the benefits of spending more money on a custom-made wood door? I asked my friend, Chris Black, Sales Design Consultant at Amberwood Doors about the benefits of a custom-made solid wood door.

“Some people like to think beyond the price, it matters to them that they have a front door that makes them happy to come home”, he said.

Solid wood doors are one-of-a-kind

Out of every 100 doors Amberwood custom designs, 90 are made from solid mahogany or white oak. People choose them for the unique variation of the grain pattern that comes from trees being living things.

No two trees are exactly the same so the grain will always be slightly different, so aesthetically speaking a solid wood door will always be one of a kind.

Amberwood solid wood entry door

There’s no question where the main entry is at this house. This solid wood door defines this homes style.

Solid wood doors are safe

Because they are heavy, they are also considered safe. Of all the thousands of doors they’ve installed, there have been zero break-ins. Statistically, that’s a pretty good record.

Solid wood doors perform well over time

So why do we hear about doors rotting? Chris says that it’s a misnomer.  Solid wood doors can last over 100 years. Fiberglass and steel doors are usually replaced more often over during that same time period.

What about fading? If the door is north or east facing you’ll never have a problem. If it’s south facing it will fade from the sun, but you can simply sand it down and refinish it.

A steel door can turn powdery-white from sun exposure. When it’s done, it’s done.  A solid wood door on an older home can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come even if you replace the rest of the house.

Amberwood solid wood front entry door with glass inserts

Double doors mean double the luxury. Amberwood’s custom-made doors make a great first impression.

Solid wood entry doors are a selling feature

Real estate agents consider solid wood doors a selling feature in today’s market. With the average home costing almost a million dollars, you may want to preserve your investment by adding a custom made, wood door to increase the value of your home.

After all, when you buy one luxury item, like a solid wood, custom-made door, you only buy it once. You’ll never have to replace it.

It’s good to know why you need a solid wood front entry door. From a design point of view, it will make a stylish statement that is welcoming and reflects you. For more great examples, check out these solid wood front doors and entries.