The Best Ceiling Colours

The best advice when painting a ceiling is to try and stay away from whites that have a grey or muddiness to them. These tend to appear dingy on a ceiling. Also, try to avoid whites that lean toward blue, unless specifically picking a pale blue, as they can read “dirty”. Another great tip is to avoid pre-tinted ‘ceiling paints’ as they can look dull and not true white but rather blue-gray. You will notice this more if you have warm beige or yellow walls, as these wall colours will emphasize the “blueness” or dullness in the ceiling.

Benjamin Moore’s Flurry

This beautiful colour adds a touch of yellow to make a dull or non-bright room feel brighter. Use this colour in a basement space or where you want to create a space with a brighter, sun-kissed feel. It is great for rooms with northern exposures or in climates where sunshine is less frequent.

Benjamin Moore’s Oxford White

For a clean white that still has a touch of warmth, this is your best bet. This colour will provide a crisp look, even against gray or charcoal, as it will have a custom feel in the colour.

Benjamin Moore’s Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a very pale blue that actually makes the ceiling feel higher. It is like “blue sky thinking” literally creating a floating feel within the room. This colour is very versatile and is great when paired with beiges, creams or chocolate browns but also with grey or taupe.

Benjamin Moore’s Natural Linen

This colour is great if you are looking for a noticeable colour change from the walls to the ceiling. It is a great colour for highlighting crown moulding and complements warm neutral schemes. This pale taupe will define the ceiling and make it envelop a room.

Benjamin Moore’s White Down

This colour is the perfect antique white, if you want your crown molding to stand out, but are looking for less contrast. White Down creates an ambiance that extends to the remainder of the room. It is subtle but warm and goes well with taupes, warm neutrals and deep greys.