Top 3 Front Door Colours For 2020

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It’s time. Our front doors have stayed neutral long enough. If you’re (finally) ready to add colour, here are the top 3 front door colours for 2020.

1. Deep Red

This classic continues to remain strong especially with both light and white home exterior schemes, as well as dark grey, and black.

Deep red painted traditional door

This deep brick red colour works well with red tone in the brick. (Amberwood Doors)

Red is so versatile. From bright to dark it works well with modern to traditional styles and even on red brick homes—but do your best to match the tone. Deep red adds a classic touch and work well with black, grey, green or taupe.

If you have a blended stone exterior, it can give you an indication of what colour the accessories should be. For instance, If there is black in the stone, consider black, or black with bronze hardware. Coordinate handles, house numbers, mailbox and lanterns with the same metal finish.

What does having a deep red front door say about you? You are seen as warm, classic, even a little daring, and sexy!

2. Deep green

"Blackened" green front door

“Blackened” by an undertone of blue or green gives us the classic Jaguar of British racing cars.

Like a dark, forest green, this is a real classic occasionally referred to as ‘British racing green’. It was used on Jaguars, Britain’s car of choice in the hay-day of car-racing in Europe.

It’s the opposite of what you see in light, tinted neutrals. This is part of a trend I call, ‘blackened’ colours, or off-black, where black is tinted to have an undertone of green or blue.

Deep green looks excellent with red or salmon/peachy bricks or any neutral background. It’s better with lighter or neutral trim colours rather than black or charcoal as it will get lost. It’s also beautiful with natural woods or walnut colours.

Matte gold door handle

Matte gold hardware is new on the market and is more subdued than high gloss brass. (Handle by EMTEK)

Matte tones of brass or gold accessories add a touch of elegance but stay away from black as it will disappear into the door colour.

If you have a dark green door you are regal, elegant, peaceful and graceful.

3. Jewellery box blue

Jwelry Box Blue front door

This custom-made, jewelry box blue door in the distinct turquoise features a custom leaded glass pattern modeled after a Tiffany lamp.

This high-intensity turquoise is a version of Tiffany blue or Birk’s blue.

It’s more of a reflection of personal style rather than being tied to history or architecture. It works with all styles; traditional, mid-century and Arts and Crafts style homes, etc. and with brick, stone or stucco in neutral, beige, cream or yellow.

Semi or high gloss paint will get the most amount of reflection and light, and it’s the easiest to clean. It also adds vibrancy and clarity to the front of the house, making the front door the focal point.

Silver will add shine against the glossy door, but you can also go with matte black for a dramatic statement.

If this is your front door colour, you are a fashionista and clearly like the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to show it.

Choose from the top 3 front door colours confidently

When you’re ready to move beyond black, grey, beige or charcoal (still favourites for front doors), you can choose confidently from the top 3 front door colours.

Don’t worry about the roof or the garage door colours. They can remain neutral or blend in with the exterior even if the door doesn’t. For more information, watch the front door colour segment on The Marilyn Denis Show.