Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2020

Bathroom trim detail

Surprise! The top interior design trends in 2020? It’s all in the details!

Certain styles come and go (and some come back again) but here are five top interior design trends for 2020, you can’t ignore.

1. Gold

Gold accents in model home kitchen

Gold, as an accent colour is a highlight in this kitchen!

From the gilded hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt tombs to the gilded fixtures in our kitchens and bathrooms today, if it’s popular once, chances are it will come back again. So, yes, gold and brass fixtures are not going away any time soon.

2. Channel Tufting

Custom designed channels tufted settee

Channel tufted furniture shows off the upholstery skills. Here it’s also curved and diamond tufted at the top!

It’s a matter of personal taste whether a particular style movement or décor piece has staying power. That means while we may love it today, and find an instant attraction to it, will it be around for a while? Channel tufting is more structured, formal and a sign of a well-built piece of furniture.

3. 3D Textures and Surfaces

3D surfaces for interior design

We created a faux feather wall to add dimension and texture to a wall display

High Point Market in North Carolina is the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. It introduces design professionals to what’s new in home fashions and is a great source of inspiration. Everywhere you looked this year, there were raised surfaces and lots of texture. Fake fur or feathered wall, anyone?

4. Black and White

Parisienne style bathroom

Black and white creates high contrast, sharpening your senses.

From farmhouse style to contemporary to historical, black and white never seems to go out of style. Black is great for grounding a space and when you combine the two it creates high contrast. High contrast really makes you look.

5. Decorative trim

Decorative trim on ceiling, Mouldex Mouldings

Pattern and depth add interest with trim.

Whether it’s on the ceiling, added to your kitchen cabinetry or on your furnishings, detail is in! It can combine all of the above trends and elevate any style. There are hundreds of ways to add decorative trim details to your home. We have more ideas here.

This is just 5 of the top trends for 2020. Remember to just follow the trends you love, it’s really all about your personal style and what works for you.