Use Wallpaper For A Dose Of Drama In Your Room

If you want to create drama in a room quickly and affordably, the best way to do this is with wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in such dramatic patterns, in such a multitude of colours, it literally is used in any room. It is great to do a large saturated colour in a small powder room to make a statement or to do a bold pattern in muted tones throughout a large room.

In this vignette, we used a navy and white pattern from Graham and Brown. The pattern is called Kelly’s Ikat White / Prussian Blue. This paper is more traditional and can be used to do an entire room or just one accent wall. We have paired it with our Jane By Jane Lockhart Jay Chair in a navy as well and then used a lighter table as to not to draw away from the design on the wall.


Here, we have used a company that sells wallpaper that is sticky on the back, making placement on the wall very easy. The company is called Wall ReDesign and the pattern is Grace and it is golden. We have paired this with our Jane By Jane Lockhart Bernie Chair in soft brown leather. This is a great choice because the wallpaper is already quite busy, so you want furniture that will compliment the colour without fighting to be seen. We also used a very neutral table so again; it would not be competing with the wallpaper.


On the last wall, we have a stunning, very bold pattern from Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics. This pattern (ST10209) is both bold in pattern and deeply saturated in a dark burgundy that gradually turns almost violet.

This paper is the traditional type of wallpaper, in the way that you would put it in a tray of water to wet the glue and then adhere it to the wall. With a pattern as deep and dramatic as this one, we would use this more for an accent wall than an entire room.

We would also pair this with furniture that is more on the neutral side as not to overwhelm the space. This is paired with our Jane By Jane Lockhart Barry Chair in a very neutral pattern. We did use the furniture to try and pick up the gold rings found in the paper. Because the wallpaper features such prominent good swirls, we were able to replicate that in the side tables as well as the accessories. It gives the room a feeling of unity.


No matter the room, wallpaper is the fastest way to take a room from being blah to dramatic in a very short time and relatively inexpensively!

You can watch the entire segment online, as seen on The Marilyn Denis Show. All of the product information is listed below.


Graham & Brown
Pattern: Kelly’s Ikat White / Prussian Blue

Wall ReDesign
Pattern: Grace
Colour: Golden

Crown Wallpaper + Fabrics
Pattern: ST10209


Jane by Jane Lockhart

Union Lighting and Furnishings

  • Round Turned Lucite Accent Table, Clear
  • Accent Table with Cabriole Legs and Pullout Tray, Antique Silver
  • Gold Leaf Round Accent Table with Antique Mirror Shelf