Mural Mural on the Wall

Jane Lockhart standing in from of Photowall wall mural

There are a lot of exciting products for walls today making plain, painted walls seem unfinished!

Applications like hanging felt shapes, peel-and-stick decals, wood panels or wallpaper all make adding decor far more interesting and manageable than in the past. But the item that has made the most significant impact in roomscapes is the wall mural.

Wall murals are a continuous photo or image from one corner of the wall to the other with no repeat of the image. Unlike wallpaper, which has a pattern or texture that repeats multiple times over the wall surface, a wall mural captures the entire image like a huge piece of art.

Wall murals elevate the concept of an accent wall to a whole new level. Rather than a single paint colour change on one wall, a mural offers depth, action, direction and character that defines a space and delights a viewer.

Photowall wall mural of jungle and elephant in child's bedroom

It doesn’t matter how big or small a space is since the mural enhances the atmosphere and style of a room, regardless of size! A mural directs how a space feels which is ultimately more important than its actual size. It’s this feeling that makes one space different from another, making it personal and meaningful to you. Mural images go a long way in instantly capturing you, and reflecting who you are.

Photo wall mural of graffiti in a condo

If a room feels cold, add an image like a warm beachy sunset to the feature wall or, to make it feel longer, apply an image with perspective through an open window. To create a modern space, find an abstract mural or apply an image of nature to capture outside life. The options are endless and can suit any mood you want to induce.

Photowall wall mural of northern lights in a bedroom

In the past, working out sizing and installation was complicated but with new technology and online tools, it’s remarkably easy to work out how big the mural should be. Application isn’t hard but if you feel more comfortable, a professional painter or paper installer can hang this for you.

Photowall wall mural roll

Woman on ladder installing Photowall wall mural in a room

Ultimately, murals are about finding the thing that makes you happy. We chose a mural with a neutral soft palette and oversized beautiful flowers. It provides both the interest and energy we are looking for and it’s a show-stopper when anyone walks by it.

Photowall wall mural installed in an office

For such a low cost, it makes a huge impact. As a designer, that is always what we strive to achieve. With such a simple element we made a total difference in how people react to our space, and in my mind, that is the best design money can buy!

Jane Lockhart standing in front of wall mural

Watch the video below to see how a simple wall in our office was transformed with a Photowall Mural.


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