What Clients Want in Their Kitchen: The Perfect Range

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I’ve learned that the number one appliance that clients want in their kitchen is the perfect range. That’s because a number of my design clients are serious home cooks. I call these clients Technicureans™.

During kitchen renovations, they want to be involved in the whole process of planning, just as they would be preparing a meal. They appreciate fresh food and the integrity involved in preparing and cooking a culinary masterpiece. So, they want a range that incorporates cutting-edge technology and innovation into the cooking process.

Signature Kitchen Suite

SKS 48" Range

The Signature Kitchen Suite 48″ range offers great design combines with innovative technology.

I’m excited to have discovered Signature Kitchen Suite, a new suite of luxury, built-in kitchen appliances, especially their ranges. In fact, they’ve engineered professional range features for the consumer market so we can all cook like the pros!

SKS induction and gas heat

This SKS range top offers both gas and induction heat for cooking.

For instance, the SKS 48” Dual-Fuel Pro Range has up to six modes of cooking, including both induction and gas burners. Imagine the ability to use all burners simultaneously, set with individual timers while also slow-cooking with built-in sous vide. It’s the only range of its kind.

Clients want innovative cooking techniques like Sous Vide

Sous vide means ‘under vacuum’ in French and is a precise cooking technique that chefs employ to deliver exact results, like a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak. It’s the process of vacuum-sealing food in a plastic bag and placing it in a water bath that maintains a consistent temperature. Food cooks for a precise time at the precise temperature, in its own juices, preserving vitamins and minerals for perfect results. 

Signature Kitchen Suite Sous Vide

Sous vide is a cooking process that seals in juices, vitamins, and minerals while cooking in a vacuum-sealed bag at a consistent temperature.

The perfect range offers consistent temperatures 

SKS dual burner

Ultra-high and ultra-low burners help you cook a quick stir fry or a delicate sauce with consistent temperatures.

The burners are specially designed, too. The Ultra-High burners are the most powerful on the market. By staying at a constant low temperature, Ultra-Low burners are perfect for cooking sauces and melting chocolate.  

Clients want steam heat 

SKS Combi-Steam heat

Steam cooking helps maintains all the taste and texture of the ingredients.

 A truly innovative cooking technique is steam heating. The 18″, True Combi-Steam Oven™, combines steam to preserve texture, appearance, and taste, and convection cooking for quick, even, gourmet level results! This oven is so efficient, it’s easy to clean with a ten-minute water-only treatment for light spills.

SKS True Combi-Steam®

The SKS 18″ True Combi-Steam Oven® in the 48″ range gives home cooks great cooking versatility.

Clients want Smart Appliances 

SKS Smart Technology

There’s a Signature Kitchen Suite application. You can pre-heat your oven, control temperatures remotely, and more.

Now for the tech side, you can download the Signature Kitchen Suite app and your Wifi-enabled range can be programmed to assist by pre-heating the oven and letting you know when everything is cooked. The ThinkQ ® technology offers Smart connectivity like giving voice commands to your appliance when your hands are full. 

Clients want a Gourmet Chef Feature 

SKS Oven cntrols

Call on the experts to tell you the best way to cook your food. It’s just a touch of a button.

It’s like having a chef at your beck and call!  Just choose what you want to cook and the desired doneness. The touchscreen takes you through the process and takes over the controls! That’s a feature any busy cook can get behind.

From a designer’s perspective, I’m impressed with the ease with which the design assimilates into a new build or a renovation project. It’s a beautiful example of style, function, and impressive engineering.  

Take a look at the whole line of Signature Kitchen Suite, you won’t be disappointed.