When Things Of The Past Come Full Circle

My adventure inside Toronto’s first upscale consignment furniture store

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting one of Toronto’s oldest and first upscale furniture and accessory consignment shops. …Of Things Past opened in 1996 in only 4,000 square feet on Tycos Drive. Over the past 20 years, the showroom has moved and expanded to multiple locations and over 22,000 square feet!

Upon arriving to their flagship store on Bridgeland Avenue in Toronto, I was stunned by the sheer size and magnitude of their store and the vast collection of furniture and accessories. I was able to seize the opportunity to quietly walk through row upon row of beautifully selected pieces. Taking in every style of furniture from decades past to present day.

Here are some of the pieces that really caught my eye!


Most might think of a consignment shop to only have “old” or “antique” furniture. That is not the case here. When I walked in, I immediately noticed this beautiful display featuring a very modern sofa. I love this piece because of its unusual shape and clean lines!




Double matching chairs are such a great design solution in so many places in the home. These can be used in the living room, family room, at the front door, in the bedroom or even along a wall with a small table in between. The selection of this style of chair was so incredible, I couldn’t pick just one!

A little known secret about me is my love for paperweights! I collect them when I travel and am constantly on the look when sourcing for clients. So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon an entire table of paperweights! The best part was that they weren’t just antiques! They were from all eras and included multiple styles!


Another thing I adore is china sets! I love looking at these old pieces and imagining the conversations that have taken place over tea. Each set tells a different story with its unique colours, shape and design. If you too have a love for china, there is an abundance of it at …Of Things Past.


No matter if you are looking for something old or new, modern, traditional or even mid-century, you are sure to find it here! It is not often I am able to, or have the time to explore for hidden treasures and my visit to …Of Things Past is exactly what I needed!