The LG WashTower™ Will Transform the Way You Do Laundry

This article is brought to you by LG Canada.

Me and my new LG WashTower.

Before I got my new LG WashTower™, my 13-year-old washer and dryer were on their last legs. It was time to replace both machines. As you can see, the entire laundry “room” fits into a closet so I needed machines that would work in this space. 

Before: My laundry “room”.

I guess I am part of the 45% of Canadians who are purchasing (or thinking about purchasing) new furniture, electronics, or appliances to accommodate the new normal by making home improvements.1

Yes, I swept before I took this photo!

A full capacity laundry unit for compact spaces? Game-changer.  

Even Baxter is impressed with my new LG WashTower.

I found the perfect solution with the LG WashTower! The full-size capacity laundry unit is designed for compact spaces and unlike conventional stacked pairs, LG’s exclusive Centre Control™ panel is perfectly positioned in the middle of the set – displaying both washer and dryer controls. With this shared centralized control panel, the LG WashTower™ is 3.4 inches shorter than LG’s historical stacked units – allowing it to fit into nearly any laundry space.

Black Steel is the right colour for a laundry unit, everywhere.

My old machines were white, with a top-loading washer, not terribly nice looking. At first, I worried that the black steel colour would look too dark, but The LG WashTower is beautiful and I love the contrast in my white closet.

The premium black steel finish, chrome knob and control knob accents give it a sophisticated look. It is so nice I don’t mind leaving the closet door open.

50% of all consumers default to the Normal Cycle2

If you’re like me, you only ever use one setting, the normal cycle. I didn’t understand the different settings so to be safe normal was my go-to setting. Now with LG’s latest laundry innovation, even just selecting Normal Cycle, I can get a more customized clean.

The LG WashTower‘s built-in Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AIDD) technology uses sensors to detect fabric softness and load size. It then customizes the right wash motions and cycle time for precise fabric care!

The washer “talks” to the dryer.

With LG Smart Pairing™, the washer can tell the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle, based on the wash cycle. This is a great use of technology. Instead of drying everything at the same temperature for an hour (my default setting), the machine selects the time and temperature, reducing the use of extra energy.

“Alexa, do my laundry”.

The ThinQ® app is a time saver.

I saved the best part for last. You can save time and simplify the laundry process with an app! The LG ThinQ® mobile app can remote start or stop your washer or dryer!

You can also select a cycle, monitor energy consumption, and receive notifications about when your laundry will be done, all from your smartphone. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can manage your laundry with simple voice commands!

The LG WashTower makes life simpler.

Doing laundry is now easier than ever because the LG WashTower took the “chore” out of doing laundry. Even Baxter appreciates that I have more time to hang out with him.


  1. These are some of the findings of an Ipsos poll conducted between September 22 and 24, 2020, on behalf of TD. For this survey, a sample of 1,500 Canadians aged 18+ was interviewed online, including 937 current homeowners.
  2. Based on independent testing which analyzed patterns of approximately 760K washer and dryer cycles.