Making Space For a New Home Office

During their renovation, my client asked about making space for a new home office. We had created a built-in desk area on the main floor by the kitchen, but for working at home, she wanted a quieter space.   We searched high and low for space for a new home office Our search led us […]

The Hottest Laundry Room Design Trends

The laundry room is no longer stuffed into a dark corner of the basement, it’s migrating up into the house and it’s being recognized as an important part of daily life. See how the hottest laundry room design trends are here to stay.

What Clients Want in Their Kitchen: The Perfect Range

I’ve learned that the number one appliance that clients want in their kitchen is the perfect range. That’s because a number of my design clients are serious home cooks. I call these clients Technicureans™. During kitchen renovations, they want to be involved in the whole process of planning, just as they would be preparing a meal. […]

Refrigeration: Cool Features Home Cooks Want

When it comes to refrigeration, precise temperatures that preserve freshness, design flexibility and size are the three top features clients ask for. One brand has really stayed on top of the rest, Signature Kitchen Suite provides all three.

The Best Closet Solution For Small Spaces

There is an upfront cost to customizing your storage, but it will be an asset when it comes to resale. So, consider that the long term benefits can outweigh the costs. Thoughtful planning with a designer will get you the storage solutions that fit your space and make your life work better at home.  

How To Make Your Home Work For Everyone

Designers are privy to how well homes function (or not) simply by listening to their clients. We love open concept living …until it comes to working from home. Sound travels easily in open spaces making it hard to concentrate, or get on a video call. So the once highly desired open concept has given way to the ‘flexible’ concept. But, how do we make rooms more private for work during the day, and open the rest of the time?