Front Door Colour Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

What does your front door colour say about you?

We all have unconscious, preconceived notions of what different colours mean. Find out what you are saying about your house and what it means if you choose a different colour for your front door. This simple change could increase the value of your home.

In the picture below, are three doors, a deep red (Old Mahogany), a dark slate (The Dark Side), and a deep blue (Gabled Blue). I selected these colours because each works really well with different exteriors of homes. These colours are by Dulux.


First, please keep in mind that the garage door does not have to match the front door! A garage door is meant to blend in while a front door should stand out, like a smile.

Old Mahogany

These days a lot of us are wearing black, because we are afraid of colour. This deep red is great because it will not turn pink. There is a mentality that houses with pink front doors are not generally valued high This isn’t true in every case; it is just what the general assumption is. Red is a very warm and comforting colour. When it comes to front door colour psychology, people will reach out and grab red before any other colour.

When does a red front door work best?

A red front door works really well if you have a neutral exterior. Stucco is becoming a large trend across the country. People often have grey or beige, which red looks amazing with!

The Dark Side

This is for all those who want to paint their front doors black. It is a little more friendly than black. People will think of you as a friendly neutral neighbour. This colour has enough richness that it can be nicely balanced.

When does a dark grey front door work best?

If you have a brick home, this colour is perfect! It works best with light-pink/peachy-coloured brick. It really helps to balance it, without making your home look too pink. Studies in the US have shown that if you paint your front door a darker colour, people perceive your home to be more sturdy and well-built.

Gabled Blue

We are seeing a lot of consumer goods in brighter colours these days. This is a great example of a bright colour that will bring life to the front of your house.

When does a bright blue front door work best?

A great option for this colour would be on a wood-sided cottage. It is such a unique colour; it would complement the natural setting. It also looks great with aluminum siding in a neutral tone, as it is bright and will breathe life into the front of your home.

No matter what colour you select, make sure you like it. Choose a colour that helps to define you and your home.

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