How Great Design Will Keep You Cool In Your Outdoor Room!

Loggia Loaded

Lighting, electronics, and tech enhance an outdoor room like a loggia. It’s not just for dining.

In ancient times, the Greeks adorned entrances to buildings with formal roof structures supported by tall columns. Called a portico, it was seen as a sign of authority and wealth. It also raised the home’s stature and offered needed respite from the heat.

Since then, the portico has shed its elitist signifier and has become a staple for homes the world over. A porch, loggia, veranda, outdoor room, or balcony offers us protection from the elements and a place to catch a breeze and chill out.

Moving the inside into an outdoor room

We want our outdoor shelters (or rooms), to be multi-functional. Not only are we moving our dining rooms from the inside—out, but we’re also setting up living rooms, kitchens and bars so we can enjoy as much time outside as possible. By creating these outdoor rooms we’re not just increasing the function of the home and how we use it, we are doing it in style. Our backyards and porches are an extension of our style from within the home.

Increase your property’s value with an outdoor room

covers outdoor room

Extending the roof and adding comfortable furniture makes an outdoor room cozy and functional

But it’s not just an excuse to spend money. These structures also add value, especially as we see property values rise. We want to squeeze the most use out of our property so, permanent structures like cabanas, tiki bars, sheds, and pergolas are not only a great way to enjoy the yard, but they’re a good investment, too.

Hello loggia!

Outdoor dining room

Everything tastes better when you eat outdoors!

Functional and desirable, the loggia or porch is enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Some newly built homes feature covered porches at the back of the home. Many clients are asking for high-quality installations such as built-in heaters radiating down from the ceiling. These three-season outdoor “rooms” may also feature large stone fireplaces, TVs, wet bars, and dining and lounge areas—multiple uses in one space.

Luckily, the building and manufacturing industries are seeing this surge of interest in outdoor furnishings, accessories, fixtures, and technology and are bringing new ideas and styles to the market.

Cope with a cabana

Cabana by the pool

Even without the swimming pool a cabana with a bar is a welcome sight.

Is it a bar? A changeroom? Pool storage? It can be all of that and more. You don’t have to have a pool to create a unique, covered space for liquid refreshments. However, electricity and plumbing added (safely, by professionals) can make even a tight space a fun, entertaining, outdoor room oasis.

Once the sun goes down

Adding a fire pit, pizza oven, or outdoor fireplace is a great idea if your municipality allows it. But, by adding an open-air pergola overhead and some comfy seating you’ll have a perfect outdoor room to enjoy the evening stars by firelight or cook that perfect pizza.

Is it a shed or a she shed?

She shed and yard

Toolshed? No. She shed, a quiet place to enjoy some shelter from the swelter.

You almost have to look twice these days to see if a garden shed is being used for garden tools. Today, it’s quite an on-trend to convert an existing shed into a little garden retreat. In line with the small home movement, clever placement of furniture, storage solutions, and running electricity and water elevates any small space into a fully functional mini-home.

Close up sunny yellow she shed

A quiet place…just for the health of it!

Whether It’s used as a studio, workshop, retreat, or just a shed, upgrading an existing structure or building something new from scratch, a shelter will keep you outside longer. Whatever you add, if it’s a permanent structure it’s a good investment both financially and in your health. So get outside and don’t come in until the street lights come on.