How to Choose the Right Coloured Metal Finishes For Your Home

Gold metallic accents in living room

Accents and accessories in brushed and rose gold pop against a neutral living room.

I get asked a lot of questions about metallic fixtures and accessories so here is my general guide on how to choose the right coloured metal finishes for your home.

The change from one metal colour, generally chrome to warmer metals has been happening over the last few years. This has been driven by an overall change in colour palettes for residential design, namely grey-based colours. Looking a bit drab over time and needing some spunk, warm metals have come on strong.  such as orange metals and yellow metals to give life to gray and blue-based interiors.

Why coloured metal finishes are important in home decor

Gold fixtures in a renovated kitchen

Gold fixtures in this renovated kitchen set the tone for the decor.

Metallics are on all the main items we interact with like hardware, faucets, and lighting so it’s something we see daily.
Metal is now considered a feature so where we once didn’t care too much if it stood out or not, now it’s a strong element of a room’s story.

Gold, copper and black metal finishes together

Mixing metal fixtures and accents in a contemporary kitchen

This contemporary kitchen has stainless steel, chrome, black and gold (lighting) and copper accents.

Gold’s are softer today and range in colour from strong yellow to a lighter tinted version. They also have a range of sheen from high gloss to matte depending on the other surfaces around them.

Orange-based metals like copper and rose gold are the newest addition to the market and add an earthy feel to a space.

If you aren’t sure how much coloured metal you want, select black instead, as this adds contrast. It’s contrast that makes a room pop so if a space feels a bit bland add contrast like black.

How to use new coloured metal finishes

Gold lighting and fixtures in kitchen

Brushed gold lighting fixtures, furnishings, and faucets set the tone in this lovely kitchen.

If gold is a big change for you try selecting pieces that combine metals so it’s easier to incorporate them. Select a light fixture or faucet that combines gold and black together so it’s less intense.

The biggest trend in metal is having faucets and light fixtures in two tones. This means you only have a small amount of gold, for instance, on one piece to add punch while all the other pieces are your go-to metal colour.

If you already have chrome as the main colour in your house mix it up by adding black on other items.

Can you have more than one coloured metal finish in a house?

Mixed metals throughout the house

Mixing metals in brushed and matte finishes can look beautiful together.

Yes, you can have more than one metal colour in your home by using pieces that combine metals colours.

If that’s still not your thing try metals by room instead, like a gold bedroom but silver dining room.

Is there a neutral coloured metal finish?

Brushed nickel fixtures in kitchen

Brushed nickel fixtures in the kitchen add a neutral, calming element.

If all this is too complicated the most classic colour is polished nickel. It’s a ‘warm chrome’ and crosses over well with gold, bronze or black.

A few words of warning…

Shaws double porcelain sink with Georgian English Bronze Faucet ROHL

Georgian style, “English Bronze” faucet from ROHL and Shaws double porcelain, apron sink.

With all manufacturers on the coloured metal bandwagon the hue of one company’s “nickel” will not always match another. This matters mostly in plumbing fixtures that are side by side so request samples before purchasing.

And black metal can be harder to care for in bathrooms of daily use so maybe combine chrome in the shower fixturing, black on the vanity faucets and coordinating chrome hardware on the vanity. This is easier to care for in the long run.

Black metallic fixtures in bathroom

Black matte metal faucets are mixed with chrome and black lighting fixtures

And those matte gold’s are spectacular but some really show fingerprints so test this before you purchase!