Relay Ventures

An early stage venture capital firm headquartered in Toronto with additional offices in Calgary.

stunning lounge area with tv, chairs and sofa in midtown office

Relay Ventures focuses on industries with the potential for growth, fueled by the rapid adoption of technology.

With a team of diverse individuals, collaboration and discussion is key to the complete redesign and renovation of this dynamic office space. Multiple zones allow for interaction between individuals to share ideas and develop strategies for entrepreneurs and their startups.

A communal lounge space, a large meeting room, private phone booths and hotelling desks allow for a variety of working scenarios.

Relay Ventures reception and sign

Relay Ventures boardroom

office desk work area

Relay Venture's design direction included that the environment youthful and energetic, accessible, comfortable and unique. In fact, the most desirable space in the office is the Ideas bar, a coffee bar with a fully automatic espresso and coffee machine, situated in place of reception.

It's here that the team organically gathers to work and collaborate, sharing concepts over coffee. By removing reception, this space becomes interactive, casual and friendly rather than stiff and formal.

Cafe area, kitchen, 3 stools, coffee machine

Sound management, lighting levels and technology were all managed to ensure this space allowed colleagues to be close but not disruptive where different types of work environments were required.

class enclosed meeting pod with 2 chairs

angled view of boardroom

kitchen area with sink and toaster

cafe counter 3 stools coffee machine

3 side tables, dark leather sofa, tv

two lounge chairs, modern artwork on wall

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