Kylemore Communities

Peyton Model Home

Casual Elegance

The Peyton is a one-of-kind. Its 5,300 square feet is sure to impress with its intense attention to detail and exquisite upgrades. It’s also an example of fashion being reflected in the home.

The design of this home focuses on sparkling finishes, contrast and really elegant pieces mixed with found object displays. We used a lot of shiny chrome, aqua and lighter pastel shades mixed with charcoal. This home really lends itself to a feeling of casual, elegant style.

Our vision was to create the front of the house in a more elegant style, while getting more casual as you move towards the rear of the home. This is reflected in the formal dining and living rooms located in the forepart of the house. We created an upscale feeling with the use of glossy surfaces and full drapes. This is further embellished by the use of marbled, mirrored and glass accent pieces.