Thoroughly Modern Décor

Going from whoa, to wow!

Adding personality to a bland builder home can be challenging in general, but to elevate it to hip, modern and "cool" is another thing altogether.

Although this home was the right size, in the right location it lacked style. It needed a cool infusion, STAT! Happily the homeowners love colour so adding contrast through colour and materials was the right place to start. Contemporary furniture pieces are mixed with classic forms to create a home that has comfort and maximum style.

A black accent wall, a navy bedroom, a purple Womb chair and dramatic art throughout the house provide drama and daring to white walls and simple spaces. The jolt of colour in each room is the common thread that pulls the whole home’s design theme together.

Never let it be said that decorating, furnishings and accessories don't matter. In many ways this is what we truly interact with every day and forms our most base understanding of a room. This house represents this key concept and brings it to a new high.

25 years of inspiring design by Jane Lockhart Design

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