New Craftsman Style

Traditional Craftsman sensibilities introduced in a new build.

These long-term clients love American Craftsman style, part of the Arts and Crafts movement in the 19th century. When it came time to build a new, larger home it was designed to incorporate authentic style along with today’s modern conveniences. Details of the movement are seen throughout the house in the entry, bathrooms, bedrooms and even the basement.

Main woods used throughout the home are quarter sawn oak in a light stain, mixed with dark-stained and painted solid maple. All cabinetry and built-ins were constructed in Ontario by a family of old order Mennonite builders to add to the authenticity in the home. Gabled roofs and peaked spaces give the house an historic feel mixed with big windows and high ceilings for today’s desire for more light. Every space was touched and considered, designed and detailed to maintain the integrity of the style.

25 years of inspiring design by Jane Lockhart Design

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